Grooms Cakes

November 26, 2016

Superman and Harley-Davidson Groom Cake

We designed this groom’s cake with 2 of the groom’s favorite subjects Superman and Harley-Davidson. The bottom tier has a cutout of the Harley-Davidson logo and flames wrapping around the cake to give it a dramatic look. Top tier of this cake […]
February 18, 2015

Ham Egg & Cheese Sandwich Sculpted Cake

A grooms cake to look like ham, egg & cheese on a roll. This grooms cake was presented the night before the wedding at there rehearsal dinner. The bride to be thought this would be a great grooms cake since this sandwich […]
February 18, 2015

Golf Ball Grooms Cake

Grooms cake have become very popular these days. Some of the most popular grooms cakes are cars, sports theme, food ie (sandwiches, steak, hamburger ect). Sculpted cakes like this golf ball cake we made is a fun way to surprise the groom […]
January 23, 2015

Jets Beer Cooler Grooms Cake

All football fans would love this cool grooms cake. We made this grooms cake is the shape of a beer cooler, the bottles are made of chocolate and we used rock candy as ice. We set the cake on a football field. […]
January 23, 2015

Zombie Grooms Cake

Over the past few years grooms cakes have become very popular for a lot of our weddings.  Some of the cakes we made have been in the shape of cars, boats, sport team logs and even food. We made this grooms cake […]
January 23, 2015

Storage Wars Grooms Cake

We made this grooms cake for a huge fan of the show Storage Wars. The figures and garage are made of modeling chocolate. The cake is iced with black fondant with the Storage Wars logo on top.
January 23, 2015

Sailboat Grooms Cake

Checkout this cool grooms cake we made to look like a sailboat. Its a replica of the grooms own boat! The sailboat is made with vanilla pound cake and chocolate buttercream. Some of the detail is made from fondant and buttercream. The […]
January 23, 2015

Sculpted Sneaker Birthday Cake Or Grooms Cake

For all the sneaker heads we replicated white Air Jordan from cake. We sculpted the sneaker from vanilla pound cake with chocolate buttercream. We made all the detail with fondant and modeling chocolate. Sculpted cakes like this one is a great way […]
January 23, 2015

Grooms cakes. What Is a Grooms Cake?

Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY is a Groom’s Cake? Groom’s Cakes are part fun, part tradition, and something chosen to express the groom’s personality or hobby, and therefore, you have a huge allowance to be as creative as you want! The […]
January 13, 2015

Crab Bushel Grooms Cake

When talking about grooms cakes this crab bushel cake is definitely a crab lovers must have. When making themed cakes like this, we try to make them as realistic as possible. With this cake the wooden bushel is made of chocolate cake […]