September 16, 2018

Best Crumb Cake On The Planet!

The origin of crumb cake, Streuselkuchen “crumb cake” started in Germany. Traditionally crumb cake is yeast-raised dough topped with a sweet crumb topping “streusel.” Now comes New York style crumb cake, which includes but not limited to a vanilla cake topped with the crumb “streusel.” Although the ingredients such as sugars, butter, flour, and salt are some of the primary elements that make up this special treat, the cake part is a bit different. The Best Crumb Cake on the planet located in Park Ridge, NJ!! A product of “Just Crumb Cake,” our motto is “it’s all about the ratio,” the ratio being 1/3 cake to 2/3 crumb. Our moist and buttery cake is exceptionally soft and fluffy, amazing just on its own but the […]